Friday, March 10, 2006


getting girls

alrite, so you want to get girls, and if your reading this blog than that might mean that you have a problem. I'm at my buds place and i'm a little tipsy but I still know what it takes to get girls. One of the most important thing is that you cant be a nice guy. My rule is 20% SOOPER NICE and 80% asshole. This is the formula that works. girls dont like guys that are nice to them all the time, they think it's wierd. So you cant buy her flowers the first time you meet her, because then you set the bar to high, and then you have to up yourself the next time to impress her. Listen to me cuz I know alot about this topic, if you want more info then you can email, and I willl be posting some articles at a later date..............latr

Thursday, March 09, 2006


New York Yankees Toilet Paper

Maybe you've heard of it and maybe you havent..... New york yankees toilet paper It's becomming quite the craze in certain parts of boston, and has even been made famous by the movie fever pitch.

New york yankees toilet paper is great for anyone who hates the New York yankees. It is printed in full color and looks GREAT in bars, and rec rooms.

How is it printed?

The secret to printing New York Yankees Toilet Paper is held by only three men, and they have made a sacred bond to never reveal that secret to anyone, but I can drop a few pointers.
The rolls are not printed all the way through, only the first few revolutions are printed. These rolls still look great though because you can only notice that the whole roll of yankee toilet paper isnt printed if you unravel the roll. The great thing is that the rolls are in full color and can be made for ANY TEAM. Although the Yankees are by far the most hated.

I consider myself an expert in custom printed toilet paper and any questions about the said field of work may be directed to me. Jeremy Rupke

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